Have you decided to follow Jesus? We want to help you know what to do after you take that step of faith. Please contact our  Pastor, Steve Markle, and let us know what we can do to help you in that process.
If you are new to the church, and want more information about us, sign up for our next Starting Point lunch by clicking here!


Here are a few things you can be doing:

1. Be Faithful to a Church

Going to church every Sunday is critical to growing as a follower of Christ. Make a commitment to be at Sycamore Creek Church as often as you can. Or start by watching our Discover Sycamore Creek Online Experience!

2. Read the Bible

Sundays are a good start. Just like you wouldn't eat once a week to keep your physical body healthy, your spiritual health requires time with God each and every day. If you don't have a Bible, you can pick one up after any church service on Sunday. Go to our app to find some reading plans that could help you get started.

3. Be baptized

All through the New Testament we see people accepting Christ as their Savior and following it up with baptism. To find out more about baptism and to see when our next scheduled baptism service is, click here.

4. Join a Small Group

It's important to spend time with people who are trying to live like Christ in our world. That's what small groups are all about. Get connected to a small group and do life together with other Christians!