reopening plans

May 19, 2020

We are excited to be reopening our doors for in-person worship during the first week of June!  We are adding a 3rdweekly service on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm.  Our first weekend of services will be Thursday, June 4thand Sunday, June 7that 9:30 and 11:00 am.
As we return, we are following CDC guidelines and doing our best to keep everyone safe.  Please extend grace and love to those who have different opinions about how to respond to the virus.  Let’s leave politics at home and focus on worshipping God when we re-enter the property!

Check out this quick video for more information!

What are some of our new safety procedures? 

  • We will be cleaning all surfaces and bathrooms between services.
  • We are striving to provide touchless services. This means doors will be propped open and there will be no programs, pens, or coffee handed out.
  • We are encouraging masks, but they are not mandatory.
  • Please respect the staff and volunteers that will be here to direct you and help you when you arrive!

How will we maintain social distancing during services in the auditorium? 

  • We are making sure that you have 6 feet of distancing front to back and left to right. Of course, family units will sit together.
  • Our distancing plans include making every other row unavailable and if you are seated in the same row, there must be 3 chairs between family units. 
  • Please be patient and work with staff and ushers as we help you get seated so that we are carefully following the CDC guidelines. 

How many people will be allowed per service?

  • We have space to safely seat 105 per service.
  • We will have online registration for each service that will open near the beginning of each week. 
  • If we run out of space at all 3 services, contact us and you will have first dibs to register for the following week before it is opened to the public.
  • We ask that you NOT just show up if you have not registered in advance... please don't put us in the awkward position of having to turn you away!
  • We will continue to provide a high-quality online experience at 11am each Sunday. 

How should we enter the property?

  • All of our services will be held in the new Next Gen Auditorium
  • When you turn off Refugee, go to the new 2nd entrance off Ebright Lane. This is our new entrance into our new parking lot. You will see signs pointing you to our new building entrance into our brand new Next Gen Building. 
  • Greeters will check you in and point you in the right direction.
  • As you enter the property, in all the excitement, please don't forget about physical distancing... no hugging, no handshaking, and no high 5's. 
  • We are asking you to be respectful of the concerns of others. Yes, you and someone else might be comfortable, but we do not want to make others feel nervous. 
  • Please do not put someone in an awkward position by asking them to hug or shake hands. Remember, it won't be this way forever! 

Who should attend when we reopen?

  • Of course, we want everyone to come back, but we all need to use our best judgment. 
  • The elderly and those with vulnerable medical conditions should follow CDC recommendations.
  • Like most churches, we are not planning to open our kids ministries until later this summer. We encourage those with preschool and younger children to continue to worship from home or alternate attending services. 
  • We are shortening the services to make them more family friendly for our elementary age children, but parents should think about bringing quiet activities for them to do during the service. 
  • If you feel uneasy, then by all means continue to enjoy our online services until you are more comfortable. We want everyone to be comfortable and safe.

Thank you for your patience. Please remember that everything is subject to change! Feel free to email a member of the church staff if you have any questions or concerns!