Our staff

The leadership of Sycamore Creek Church consists of our Staff and Elders. The Staff oversee the day-to-day operations of the church.  The Elders help provide spiritual guidance and oversight for the church. 


    Steve has been the Lead Pastor at Sycamore Creek Church since August 2011. Steve has been in full-time pastoral ministry for over 22 years. He moved from northern Virginia to be a part of SCC. Steve and his high school sweetheart, Sherri, were married in 1990 and have been blessed with 4 children: Zac, Tori, Lexi and Nic. Steve enjoys sports in all aspects- watching, playing and coaching. His favorite teams are the Baltimore Orioles & Washington Redskins. He also enjoys a good cup of coffee and spending time with his family.  Facebook / Twitter / Email

  • Barry Peters  //  Associate pastor

    Barry joined the staff of Sycamore Creek Church as the Associate Pastor in August 2014. Barry has been in full-time ministry for over 12 years. Barry and his family moved from Hendersonville, Tennessee to join us here in Pickerington. Barry and his wife, Laura, were married in 2006 and have 1 child, Davis. Barry enjoys golf, traveling, and spending family fridays with Laura and Davis. He also enjoys going to various sports venues and concerts.  Facebook / Twitter / Email

  • Jared Hudson  //  Worship Leader

    Jared joined the staff as the Worship Leader at Sycamore Creek Church in July 2012. Jared and his wife, Lisa Kay, have one daughter, Audrey and a loving dog Turner. In his free time, Jared enjoys a good movie, spontaneity and sports, most specifically the Atlanta Braves.  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Email

  • Tommy Riley  //  Student pastor

    Tommy joined the staff as the Student Pastor at Sycamore Creek Church in July 2016. He moved from Akron, Ohio where he served for four years as a student pastor. Tommy and his wife, Mari-Ellen, were married July 2009. In his free time, Tommy enjoys home remodeling as well as watching a good movie. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Email

  • Kristi Johnson  //  ADMINISTRATION director

    Kristi joined the staff of Sycamore Creek Church in 1999. Her job is to help get people connected to ministry and others as well as keep the office running like clockwork. Kristi and her high school sweetheart, Terry, married in 1993 and they have 2 sons: Tucker and Brock. When she has free time, Kristi enjoys volleyball, golf, a good book, and family time.  Facebook / Instagram / Email

  • AMY Shaw  //  KIDZ Min DIRECTOR

    Amy joined the staff of Sycamore Creek in 2001. Amy and her husband, Bob, started attending SCC shortly after moving to Pickerington in 1999. She joined the staff just a few short years later. Amy and Bob have 3 children: Rylie, Dylanie and Jazz. In her free time Amy enjoys volleyball, golf and other sports as well as anything creative.  Facebook / Instagram / Email

  • Jill Hammond // Church receptionist

    Jill joined the staff of Sycamore Creek in 2016. Jill and her husband, Joe, started attending SCC shortly after moving to Pickerington in 2013.  Jill and Joe have two babies: their dog named Stinky and their 2015 Corvette. In her free time Jill enjoys sewing and watching movies as well as driving her Corvette.  Facebook  / Email