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Join us this summer for a journey through the book of Exodus!

May 24th - My Two Mommies (Exodus 2)

God always has a plan.

May 31st - Got Your Attention? (Exodus 3)

God is calling... are you listening? 

June 7th - Hard-Headed & Hard-Hearted (Exodus 7-11)

The effects of stubbornness. 

June 14th - The Great Escape (Exodus 14)

God always provides a way. 

June 21st - Constant Complaining (Exodus 15-17)

How quickly we forget God's goodness. 

June 28th - Advice from a Father-in-Law (Exodus 18)

Practical advice for life & leadership. 

July 5th - God's Top 10 List (Exodus 19-20)

10 values we need to live by. 

July 12th - Cow Worship (Exodus 32)

The importance of Godly leadership.