Upcoming series

WISDOM THAT WORKS  //  Sunday, June 3 through Sunday, June 24  //  9:15  |  10:45AM  

Each of us builds a life through the daily decisions we make. The Bible speaks of the choices of life that allow us to build wisely or foolishly. In this sermon series, we’ll cover some clear and practical teaching of the Bible that provides wisdom for the day-to-day stuff of our lives. We are excited for these sermons that will hit on practical topics and draw primarily from the wisdom of Proverbs. Proverbs offers real help for everyday life: friendship, faithfulness, work, speech, attitudes, and more. God gave us these proverbs to help us develop the wisdom and discernment needed to build a healthy life. 

Join us for these 4 weeks in June as we grow through this helpful teaching.

June 3 – Surviving My Schedule

June 10 – Taming My Temper

June 17 – Cultivating My Friendships

June 24 – Succeeding At Work