Current series

BOLD PRAYERS  Sunday, February 18 through Sunday, March 4  //  9:15  |  10:45AM   

What words would you use to describe your prayer life?  Is it non-existent?  Is it over repetitious?  Is it a mealtime moment?  Do you think the way you currently pray could and should change?  Does is need to become a little more dynamic?

This 3-week series is all about how to pray with boldness.  God honors bold prayers.  In fact, it’s biblical to pray boldly, but many of us shy away from doing so!

Join us for a 3-week series as we take a look at 3 different BOLD prayers that were prayed by 4 different people in the Bible.  We will discover principles to take our prayer life to another level.

February 18 – PETER: Give Us Boldness To Evangelize

February 25 – ELIJAH: Prove Yourself With A Miracle

March 4 – JABEZ: Bless Me & Enlarge My Territory