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Most of us are familiar with the WWJD slogan.  What Would Jesus Do?  It’s a great question to ask yourself before making any decision.  BUT have you ever thought about What Jesus Would Want to UNDO in your life?

During his time on the earth, Jesus was not very interested in token or surface gestures. He did not focus on outward behavior. He confronted anyone whose faith was lukewarm, and He brought hope to the broken, the lost, and those caught up in a sinful lifestyle.  Jesus demonstrated what living a true life of worship looked like.

In this series, we’ll go beyond the simple slogans of what it means to follow Christ, and open ourselves up to discover the junk in our lives that Jesus wants to undo, so that we can live an authentic faith.

Join us as we look at 4 roadblocks Jesus wants to remove from our spiritual walks:

March 24th – Indifference

March 31st – Hollow Worship

April 7th – Hypocrisy

April 14th – Spiritual Pride