our mission

The mission of FOUR13 is to disciple those who suffer from addiction in its various forms. The cornerstone of this ministry is rooted in Philippians 4:13, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will provide one-on-one mentorship with our Overcomers (FOUR13 members) and help empower them to break the chains of enslavement and pursue freedom in Christ. We are devoted to help our Overcomers seek God’s purpose for their life and bring Him glory. Click here to email our FOUR13 ministry, 

Our journey

FOUR13 will pair mature Christian mentors who have addiction recovery experience through Christ with those who are truly seeking Christ-centered help.  Overcomers include those who personally suffer from addiction and/or those affected by loved ones with addiction.  FOUR13 consists of a variety of mentors who are qualified to work with various types of addiction with both genders.  Mentors will use one-on-one guidance and discipleship, group fellowship, small group studies, and available resources to help our Overcomers discover freedom from addiction and live a full life in Christ.

our mentors

Everyone involved in this ministry has experienced the challenges of bringing addiction to the light.  We believe that anonymity and confidentiality are extremely important and are committed to maintaining a safe and trusting environment.  All FOUR13 mentors are screened and sign a confidentiality agreement before being paired with an Overcomer.

our contact

Your journey to freedom can begin here.  To become an Overcomer or learn more, please call or text Mike Lee at 614-400-1767, or email your contact information and questions to FOUR13@sycamorecreek.org.